ICDAR 2019 Competition on Table Detection and Recognition


Table is a compact and efficient form for summarizing and presenting correlative information in handwritten and printed archival documents, scientific journals, reports, financial statements and so on. Table recognition is fundamental for the extraction of information from structured documents. The ICDAR 2019 cTDaR evaluates two aspects of table analysis: table detection and recognition. The participating methods will be evaluated on a modern dataset and archival documents with printed and handwritten tables present.

Important Dates

Release of website and samples: March 1, 2019
Release of the training dataset: March 10, 2019
Release of the test dataset and evaluation tools: March 25, 2019
Deadline of result submission: April 20, 2019     May 5, 2019
Release of the annotations of the test dataset: April 30, 2019     June 3, 2019

The competition results is released, available here.